10 Nautical Place/Escort Cards Perfect for a Seaside Wedding

Hi there belles and beaus! I am looking out my window at the ocean as I write this, making me all the more excited for today’s nautical wedding inspiration. Who doesn’t love a seaside wedding in the Carolinas? The soothing sound of the ocean waves, the picturesque white sand, and of course the possibility for lots of fun nautical-themed details. If you’re planning a beach wedding (or possibly even a lakeside wedding…lots of possibility for a nautical theme there as well!), come steal some of these ideas for your place/escort cards:

1. Oyster Shells: How beautiful and unique are these oyster shell escort cards? Gather them yourself and then have some friends help you write names for a budget-friendly way to wow your guests.

2. Red Anchor Cards: If you’re over navy and white for a beach wedding, throw in a little nautical red with these bright and fun place cards. These can be purchased off Etsy, but I’m also willing to bet some of our more crafty belles and beaus could totally DIY this project!

Red Anchor Place Cards - Wedding Belles Blog

via GiggleBees on Etsy

3. Sand Dollars: What could be more beachy and fun? Bonus: these absolutely double as favors. Guests could use them as decorative pieces on a desk or wall display or could even turn them into Christmas ornaments!

4. Casual Anchor-Stamped Cards: I adore these simple cards, which could certainly be a DIY project. Buy natural-colored tags and start stamping away!  Have some friends or family members help and it will take no time at all.

5. Message in a Bottle: These are another unique and wow-worthy option, though they would probably take a bit more time if you attempt to create them yourself. Like the sand dollars, I think these could also double as favors.

6. Nautical Knot: These fun escort cards represent not only the nautical rope frequently used on ships, but also you and your partner’s tying of the knot! These could easily be made in a variety of colors to match your particular scheme.

7. Starfish: Just tie a tag with pretty ribbon around these beauties and you’re good to go! Again…can you say doubles as a favor?

8. Origami Sailboats: Seriously, how fun are these? If you’re getting married oceanside but aren’t into traditionally preppy nautical fare, opt for these brightly colored and unique escort cards. I’m sure you could even find a tutorial online to learn how to make them!

9. Seashells: Quintessential beach fare. I love the natural colors…perfect if you’re using beachy tones like cream, light pink, mint, gold, or tan. You can purchase these from The Knot.

10. Colorful Bouys: These may win the award for most unique, fun, and colorful. They’re just so happy! I have no idea how you might go about making these or where they can be purchased, but bonus points if any of you knows.

What do you think, belles and beaus? Are you going to steal any of these ideas for your wedding or some other seaside occasion?

xoxo Laura


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