Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Inspiration in Pink and Green

Bright colors, cheerful prints, and lightweight fabrics that help you keep your cool when it’s 100 degrees with 90% humidity outside? Yes, please! Thanks to the late Lillian Pulitzer Rousseau, also known as the “Queen of Prep” and founder of the Lilly Pulitzer clothing line, Carolina belles have enjoyed getting gussied up in Lilly Pulitzer clothing since the 1950s. The colorful, preppy designs are a true Southern favorite. Today, we are celebrating Ms. Lilly’s contribution to Carolina style with a Lilly Pulitzer-inspired pink and green wedding vision.

First up: the save the date!

Followed by a coordinating invitation:

Of course, our ladies are getting ready in pink robes:

Before changing into their Lilly Pulitzer dresses!

The groomsmen are also looking dapper in Lilly bow ties.

Next, the Lilly-inspired pink and green hues continue into the ceremony:

And of course, tons of colorful gorgeousness is waiting at the reception!

What do you think, belles and beaus? Would you be daring enough to use this vibrant color combo at your wedding? Are you planning to wear or have your wedding party wear Lilly Pulitzer?


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