Budget-Friendly Alert: Groupon Has an Awesome Deal for Wedding Favors and Bridal Party Gifts!

Since sharing the cutest wedding gift idea from Jane last week, I’ve been keeping an eye on my emails for other deals that might help out budget-conscious couples as they try not to break the bank while they plan their big day. And of course, I’ve already stumbled across another! Plum District (a Groupon-style website that offers deals specifically targeted toward women who have children) is offering a 50% off deal to Peach Blossom. Peach Blossom sells tons of fun wedding favors, place cards, bridal party gifts, and even programs. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite finds from their website:

As I’m writing this, there are only about 3 more days to purchase the deal from Plum District. One person can purchase up to 4 vouchers, meaning you could save as much as $200 on your wedding!

Have y’all found any good deals recently using Plum District, Groupon, Living Social, Jane, or other deal websites? Share with me!

xoxo Laura (deal finder extraordinaire)



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