Baby’s Breath, Beware: Think Twice Before Adding This Flower to Your Bouquet!

Baby’s breath bouquet inspiration is all over Pinterest. This pretty and delicate flower is also very cost-effective, making it a favorite for budget-conscious or DIY brides. However, I learned something about baby’s breath the other day that surprised me. It stinks…literally!

Apparently, baby’s breath got its name because it smells like…well, you guessed it, bad baby’s breath. As in sour milk. Yuck. Nothing says love and beauty like a bad stench wafting off your bouquet! And can you imagine smelling a strong odor of sour milk while trying to enjoy your dinner at the reception?

If you’re using a professional florist, you may not have to worry. Apparently, many florists will spray baby’s breath with fragrance to mask the smell before handing off bouquets and centerpieces to brides.

What do you think, belles? Would you mind having a smelly bouquet if it meant saving a few bucks or having the floral look you’ve been dreaming of? Or are you going to pass on the baby’s breath for a nicer-smelling alternative?

xoxo Laura


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