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I’m Maggie


I Believe Life is truly Tres Bèlle!!~!

How can you not find the beauty in life? This is a mindset I live by, which transcends and transforms from the inside out. The most beautiful moments in life can be found right before your eyes.  Because after all, where the mind wanders, the woman goes. What you think –  good, bad, indifferent; YOU ARE RIGHT!!~! It just depends on your perspective. Believe me, I know it can be quite difficult to keep a positive mindset in the midst of chaos, I get it… But there is so much beauty, delight and sheer bliss – literally at your finger tips, within reach or already in your possession. And if you have to shoot for the moon to attain your happiness, then do it! If you miss, at least you will land amongst the stars. And that’s a PRETTY BIG DEAL! That way, if you do end up taking a step backwards after taking a step forward you can know unequivocally without a shadow of a doubt, this is not a disaster.. It’s simply a cha-chai! 

Nothin' but good vibes here...

By shifting your mentality to see the beauty in even the small things, we can better deal with trial and tribulations AND appreciate the bigger milestones and successes in life. The small stuff are actually a really big deal. So today, right now, I invite you to join me in celebrating the joie de vivre..  Saunter in simplicity, savor the smaller moments in life  and don’t forget to celebrate YOU. Beauty can truly follow you where ever you go. You CAN “Dance” like no one’s watching, “Travel” not to get lost but to get found… And eat “Food” which feeds your soul.. You possess the power to make your life Tres Bèlle on purpose every single day. YOU are incredibly BE-YOU-TIFUL, LOVED & ENOUGH just the way you are. So get out there and shine!

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