Bien être….

keep your head, heels & standards high…

by Maggie


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bien être…



irst and foremost, I will always be a Lady & I that’s how I like to be treated. ” – xoxo, Maggie

There are two parts to my quote: 1) What does it mean to be a lady? And 2) How do I like to be treated?

1) What does it mean to be a Lady, according to me?

Being a Lady is more than just how you “act”. It truly is a mindset. As a Lady, you raise your standards of yourself and of others to a higher level of excellence. While we do feel and experience every human emotion just like everyone else; how we approach situations, people and our own feelings is what distinguishes us. It’s the delivery we give to others and the way we conduct ourselves which separates Ladies from other females. We are refined, poised and possess a great amount of manners above all else.

So what is this “raising your standards” business? I can tell you first off what it doesn’t mean. Let’s not confuse the word Lady with a “Princess” or a “Queen”. A real Lady is not a damsel in distress looking to be rescued by “prince charming” who will pay her way through life. Life is not a free ride —> Nope, not my definition of living the life of a Lady at least. She is not some “Queen” sitting on her little duff waiting to be spoiled and pampered all day long on her little pedestal. She doesn’t rule with an iron fist or throw temper tantrums when things don’t go her way.

The hallmark of a true Lady is hard work, determination and sophistication. Above all else, she knows exactly who she is, loves herself (and others) and knows her value in life. I know exactly what I bring to the table, my worth (I’ll give you a hint.. Like any other female: $Priceless.00) and I’m not afraid of reminding people, in a gentle way. A Lady is kind, soft, and truly sweet like honey. She conducts herself with grace with everyone she encounters and forgives when others (including herself) falls from greatness <—- It’s quite easy for me to take this position as I am an empath, placing myself in other people’s shoes comes very easy to me. A real Lady encourages, inspires and has a certain “je ne sais quoi” kind of elegance, even in the face of her enemies. She brings out the best in others and builds others up.

“Keep your HEAD, HEELS & STANDARDS high.”

-Coco Chanel

French Fashion Designer & Businesswoman

A Lady never tells.. I conduct myself in a way which most people will never know the days, weeks, etc., I go to bed crying my eyes out until I pass out from the pain. I never air my laundry. Most people will also never see what’s inside my bag of tricks either. There’s a great deal of my life which I choose to keep private. To many, I will always remain an enigma.

And lastly, She will never cry wolf or play the victim role. Like so many Gentlemen out there, a Lady is a VICTOR and knows what is required to slay her beasts, climb her mountains and conquer her fears. When life disappoints, she accepts defeat gracefully and dusts herself off when she falls or fails. She takes ownership and accountability over her actions and of her life and expects others to do the same. She truly is a force to be reckoned with.

2) So how do I expect to be treated like the Lady that I am?

While chivalry isn’t dead, it will always come third in line to two other qualities which supersede: Communication and Respect.

A true Lady keeps it real and expects others to be real with her. While she may be playful and a down right tease , she doesn’t play games with other people. I am real and while my communication style is quite transparent, I know not everyone is as forthcoming. As an empath and highly sensitive person, I am thankful I can decipher others actions and words with much intuition. As an example, 7 you may assume a specific position by day but then your actions tell a different story at 11pm and 2am by night. Hmmmm… Makes the former position moot. (so incredibly elated!!~! Remember it should only be used for covert channels only ). Communication is very vital to me. While I understand most people won’t be as transparent as I, however, treating me like a Lady means just tell me how you feel, think, whatever. I never judge – I never have – so telling me exactly as it is in a respectful way, is exactly the way I want to be treated. No contradictions, no games, no silent treatment, no saying one thing then doing the opposite. I love it when others can own their feelings and communicate their feelings to me. Just keep it real. Remember, I am an empath, not a mind reader. Now lets and make-up.

Respect is something everyone ought to value. I don’t care who you are or where you hail from; respecting yourself and others should be a given. A Lady will always treat others with respect (or at least try) and require others to do the same for her. Period.

So to all the true Ladies out there… This post is for you! We are classy AND fabulous. We are both soft AND strong. We hustle for our dreams AND enjoy being pursued. “Remember to always keep your heels, head and standards high!” – Coco Channel

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