10oz of Decadent Lobster Tail & 7.2oz of Tri-Tip

by Maggie




Ready In:

25 mins

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Succulent and Sinfully Decadent Surf & Turf


ood has always been a source of comfort, so tonight and ALL WEEKEND LONG, I am shamelessly indulging in what comforts my soul.

Can you think of anything more indulgent than Lemon Buttery, Rich Lobster Tails and Succulent Tri-tip? And tonight, I did not hold back. Here I have boiled 1.245 lbs of lobster tails (only two mind you. Each tail was .62 lbs) Yah, I only ate one tail tonight (the other will be reserved for whatever I decide to make tomorrow), but indulging in 10 oz of soft and succulent, buttery and oh-so delicious, melt in your mouth, yummy lobster tail is exactly how I wanted to spend Saturday night! 


  • Around 1.245lbs lobster tails. This ended up being 2 whole tails for me (thus 2 servings – 1 tail a serving)
  • Around 14oz of tri-tip (again, 7oz was about all I ate this evening so I consider this 2 servings for me. Adjust accordingly)
  • 1 medium red bell-pepper 
  • 3-4 cloves garlic
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • pinch of Salt & Pepper to taste

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1

Lobster tails (actually any piece of fish) has the tendency to curl when cooked. If its fish (like salmon, halibut, cod, etc.) and you need it to not curl, cutting shallow lines down the back -skin side and width wise- is a great solution, you can also do this with lobster tail if it does end up curling while cooking. Just cut under the tail every inch or so and it will flatten out. But boiling is another beast, I do not particularly enjoy trying to “fix” my lobster tail when its piping hot after its cooked in a nice and toasty bath. So how do I mitigate this? Well, you know those extra wooden chop sticks you have laying around from chinese take out? Yup! Those are my favorite tools to straighten these bad boys out, you know, show ’em whose boss. I place one chop stick through the bottom of the lobster tail length wise. This ensures it does not curl while cooking.

Tip 2

Also, if you are going to use some of the tails for another meal, like me, cooking them just under done is a wonderful way to ensure both meals get lobster cooked to perfection. So I cooked 1.245 lbs in a roaring boiling sea bath for about 7 minutes. I nuked them in cold water for a min and dried off. One tail went straight into the fridge for tomorrow. I knew it was a tad underdone. The other one? Why, I took it out of the shell, cut it in small chunks, threw some butter in a sautée pan and cooked them for a minute longer. Drizzling fresh lemon juice, a touch more sea salt, and voilà! Perfection on a platter! MmMmM… J’en ai l’eau à la bouche..

Tip 3

It’s a great idea to cut the lobster tail shell length wise on the top before cooking, regardless of the cooking method (boil, grill, broil, etc.), this way it’s easier to take the meat out. Also, you can use the shells for a great presentation if you choose to. Or a tasty stock for later!




This Plate Costs:

Lobster Tails=$32.00 total for 1.245lbs. I had one, so technically $16.00

Tri-tip=$16.00. I ate only 1/4 so $4.00

Red Bell Pepper=$1.25







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