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facetious antics…



enjoy the thrill of a good ol’ innocent & incredibly “oh-so satisfying” hack every now and again… “But what is a hack?”, one might ponder.. Why, it’s nothing more than using something for a purpose different than it was intended…

Take my Starbucks Coffee that’s on the table in my picture, for an example.. YES, I “hacked” Starbucks today… Instead of paying $3.27 for a Venti Iced Coffee that is actually the equivalent of HALF of a tall warm drink, I just ordered and paid for a tall blonde coffee…. So for the price of one tall blonde @ $2.05 (yes this Brunette LOVES Blondes…. ehhh…. food and drinks that is.. ), I made two Venti Iced Blondes, which would normally cost $6.54 before taxes. That’s a little less than a 69% savings!!~! Just order the tall and ask for a venti cup with only ice. Want to share this with a friend? Order one tall and ask for two venti cups filled with ice. Yes, the venti iced coffee is not that expensive when placed into retrospect, however, I am quite fastidious about my morning Cup of Sunshine. Believe me, I wouldn’t dare dream of asking anyone to make my coffee – I am incredibly picky how it’s made, so this system works out for me. I normally don’t order coffee from Starbucks because I usually make my own before I leave the house, but today was one of those days.. And today, I “hacked” my way to two venti iced blondes for the price of a tall blonde.

What have you “hacked” lately?


“The Evolution of Attacks: A few decades ago, hackers were mainly made up of people who just enjoyed the THRILL of hacking…” – AIO

-Shon Harris


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some facetious antics…

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