Joie de vivre….

Victorious Mindset

by Maggie

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he path I seek is quite arduous and trying; filled with a plethora of troughs and valleys. And under some circumstances, some may perceive incredulous. But it is my path. I try and fail and try again until I fail again, however I fail better. Adversity is the stone on which I sharpen my blade.
So raise your standard to a higher level of excellence and make your life meet you there. Embrace the resistance, the lows, and hardships; this is where your strength is tested and your character defined. Your attitude truly defines your altitude. Where the mind wanders the man will follow. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right. So get out there and dig those heels in and fight the good fight. Conquer those demons and slay that beast. And remember, make each day your masterpiece.

“Thinking life should be easy provides oxygen to a victim mentality.” And I am no victim. Rather, I am a VICTOR! And YOU should be too.



la joie de vivre…

Party in my Mouth Pho!

Today I am breaking down barriers and slaying a beast…

Victorious Mindset

Adversity is the stone on which I sharpen my blade.

Spaghetti de Pétoncles Grenobloises au Bacon

An exquisite dish made simply with literally a hand full of ingredients

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